Kaspersky Launches Endpoint Security for Business

The security firm has released its new flagship product for enterprises

The world-renowned security solutions provider has launched its new flagship platform for businesses. It’s called Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business and it’s advertised as being capable of defending an organization’s networks against the most advanced types of malware and cybercrime.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is designed to allow IT administrators to see, control and protect their networks.

Administrators will no longer have to be concerned about employees who use their own mobile devices for work-related tasks, and they can properly secure files, folders and even entire disks to ensure that valuable information cannot be misused in case of loss or theft.

In order to make everything as easy as possible, all the components are managed from a central administrative console.

The new product is available in four configurations, but any of them can be expanded to meet future needs.

The Core configuration provides anti-malware protection and a firewall. The Select configuration includes, in addition, a mobile protection solution, Workstation & File Server Security, Application Control, Device Control and Web Control.

The Advanced configuration includes all these and Encryption and Systems Management tools.

Finally, Kaspersky Total Security for Business offers even more protection for Web, Mail and Collaboration servers.

“We’ve entered the age of high-profile targeted attacks, with sophisticated espionage tools becoming more and more widespread. Cyber-espionage is becoming the most serious threat there is for businesses, and just about any enterprise can be attacked, regardless of its size or market share,” said Eugene Kaspersky, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab.

“All organizations have data that’s valuable to cybercriminals, which in turn can be used as ‘back stairs’ to reach other companies. An intrusion may come either from a cyber-criminal seeking personal enrichment, or a nation state looking to steal proprietary or classified information. Every decision maker should keep all this in mind when building a company’s IT security infrastructure.”

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