Kanye West Wears Skirt in Concert, Skirt Steals His Thunder

Rapper goes for a change of style, is ridiculed online

Celebrities came out in hordes the other night for the 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief, a large-scale event meant to raise money for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Kanye West also performed during the show, but somehow his leather skirt managed to steal his thunder.

First things first: the rapper did the kind thing and performed a high-octane medley of some of his greatest hits, putting the kind of show only he could pull off.

Kanye opened with “Clique” and “Mercy,” before launching into “Jesus Walks,” All of the Lights,” “Run This Town,” “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Gold Digger.”

Though his performance was top-notch, as expected, it was Kanye’s option for a stage outfit that’s keeping the world talking: as the video below will confirm, he wore a leather skirt.

He matched it with leather leggings, white sneakers and a black loose hoodie.

Any respectable fashionista must know that men in skirts is not a novel sight: for instance, designer Marc Jacobs usually wears his own skirts at fashion shows and even in his everyday life, and gets nothing but praises for being a trendsetter.

Not the same can be said about Kanye, who’s now the butt of all online jokes. Not only did his leather skirt steal his thunder and distract from the performance, but it’s already famous on its own.

Kanye’s Skirt has its own Twitter page – and, yes, it’s tweeting – and has generated plenty of debates as to whether it actually belongs to Kanye or was borrowed from Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe.

While some incline for the latter, the Skirt says it’s Givenchy and that it doesn’t belong to Kim but, then again, there’s only so much trust one can have in a leather skirt, even a tweeting one.

Kanye for one is not bothered by all the ridicule he generated with his skirt. He’s always considered himself a fashionista so chances are he won’t be talking publicly about this anytime soon – moreover, expect him to wear something similar soon.

Check out his performance: it was truly something else.

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