Kanye West Leaves Kim Kardashian in the US to Be “Taken Seriously” in Paris

Rapper is still trying to win over fashion critics, thinks Kim won’t help him with it

Just days after reports said Vogue’s Anna Wintour dissed Kim Kardashian at the New York Fashion Week, Kanye West flew solo to Paris. He’s still desperate to win over fashion critics with his line and he obviously thinks Kim’s presence would only do him more harm than good.

The rapper turned designer is now in the city of fashion, rubbing elbows with who’s who in the industry, but Kim, the most successful reality star ever, is notably absent from his arm.

The New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column has a possible explanation for that: he did not want her there because he too thought that she would damage his image as a respectable fashion designer, which he’s trying to become.

Confidenti@l has learned exclusively that Kanye West had ‘no intentions’ of bringing reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian to Paris Fashion Week. ‘He didn’t think it was good for his reputation,’ a Kanye spy tells us. ‘He didn’t want to hurt her feelings’, the e-zine writes.

So, before he even told her that she would not be going to Paris, he made sure he let everybody else know that he’d be coming alone.

“The rapper turned fashion designer choose not to show his fashion collection this season, after his two previous Paris shows were bashed by critics. But he RSVP’d without a plus one to numerous shows weeks before telling Kim he was even going,” the same media outlet notes.

Apparently, sources are saying, Kanye is “uncomfortable bringing her” and “wants to be taken seriously” as a fashion designer, which would not be possible if he keeps showing up at these events with a reality star – even if that reality star is Kim Kardashian.

Another report of earlier this week said that Kanye and Kim were “cooling off” and on the verge of breaking up because he’d finally grown tired of the chaos that being her boyfriend meant.

Useless to say, the above report is doing nothing in terms of making rumors of an imminent breakup go away.

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