Kanye West Hates Kris Jenner for Matt Lauer Interview

Rapper is upset she showed Matt a photo of North West, says unconfirmed report

Earlier this week, during an appearance on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, Kris Jenner teased that her granddaughter North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, might make a “cameo” on her new talk show. She also offered to show Matt a photo of the baby once they were off the air.

According to a new report in Radar Online, this made Kanye fuming mad.

First off, his relationship with Kris had already been pretty tense in recent months but, most importantly, he still hates Matt for a 2010 interview that didn’t go as he had anticipated.

“Kanye became ‘absolutely apoplectic with anger because he hates Matt,’ the source said,” Radar writes.

He had expected Kris to be more mindful of his feelings, and not show a photo of his first born child to the man who thus upset him, the insider explains.

“Kanye he felt extremely disrespected and insulted by Matt and the direction the interview took in 2010… He was outraged and disgusted that Kris showed Matt a picture of Nori and he is now refusing to speak to her,” says the spy.

“Adding further stress to the pair’s already contentious relationship is Jenner’s ongoing persistence that baby North West make her public debut on her new talk show,” Radar goes on to say.

In all fairness, Kris never said directly that North would be on her show, which premieres this Monday – but neither did she flat out deny it.

In fact, she’s done everything in her power to keep people guessing, even telling Matt that he and the rest of the world would have to tune in every day because “I’m not sure exactly what’ s going to happen.”

For a bit more context into why Kanye would be so mad with Kris for saying these things, he recently told the press that North was his baby, “not America’s,” because he had no intention of parading her on TV for profit.

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