Kanye West Gets ‘Lost in the World’ During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy’s brought out all the big stars for this year’s, the 84th annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, including rapper Kanye West, together with Kylie Minogue and Jessica Simpson. Kanye performed “Lost in the World.”

As AceShowbiz and the video below can confirm, Kanye lip-synched through one of his tracks from his latest album, the critically-acclaimed “My Beautiful Dark Twisted” fantasy, which came out just days ago.

“Kanye, in his black long fur vest and leather pants, performed in front of Macy’s flagship location near Manhattan’s Herald Square on 34th Street at around 11:20 A.M.,” the e-zine notes.

Ironically enough, the rapper was introduced by none other than Matt Lauer, of whom he said more than once he tried to manipulate him in front of the camera, twisting his words in a recent interview for The Today show.

In fact, no later than a couple of days ago, as Kanye performed in concert to promote the “Fantasy” album, he also took about 10 minutes to speak his mind (once more) on the Matt Lauer scandal, as we also reported the other day.

As fans must know, it all started when Kanye agreed to be on The Today Show to speak of a remark he’d made about President Bush years ago, calling him a “racist.” The rapper wanted to apologize.

Halfway through the interview, Lauer played a video of Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift on stage at the VMAs 2009, when he went there to say that Beyonce should have won for Best Video – a thing that saw him labeled a racist in his turn.

While Lauer insisted playing illustrative videos during interviews was standard practice on the show, Kanye argued this was Lauer’s way of getting a reaction out of him, a response he would otherwise not give.

The other night, Kanye went on a rampage again, saying that Lauer went for the jugular in the interview – and even revisiting the (closed) Taylor Swift chapter by claiming she should have stood up for him at least once since the scandal.

All ranting aside, Kanye’s brand new album is a hit from its first week of release. Critics call it the work of a genius and, judging by sales, fans couldn’t agree more.

Below is Kanye West performing “Lost in the World” during Macy’s Parade. Enjoy.

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