Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift for Winning at the Grammys 2013 – Video

Rapper also puts friend Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake on blast, calls them sellouts

You know how Kanye West gets when he has something on his mind and he is dying to let it out: he takes to the stage and he rants about that thing. This is precisely what he did the other day while performing in London.

Because the headline of this post promises a video, you will find it here. *Please be advised that discretion is highly recommended because it contains language that might offend.

Of those Kanye picks a fight with this time, I might as well mention Taylor Swift (seriously), Justin Timberlake and even his good friend and collaborator Jay-Z.

Apparently, he thinks Justin and Jay are sellouts. Bear in mind that this is coming from a man who is now dating one of the biggest attention seekers out there, Kim Kardashian.

As for Swift, he still hates her for winning awards instead of Beyonce. No joke.

“Taylor Swift beat Beyonce at the Grammys? Beyonce be dancing in heels and [expletive],” Kanye ranted, failing to explain the connection between dancing in heels and winning Grammys.

Either way, it sure seems like he didn’t mean it when he apologized to Taylor for the rude interruption at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

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