Kansas Houses US's First E15 Gas Station

American's can now purchase environmentally friendly E15 from Kansas

E15, a fuel blend that contains 15% ethanol, is expected to go on sale just next week, at a Phillips 66 gas-station in Kansas.

Although the national standard for ethanol concentration in fuels in presently 10%, the US Environmental Protection Agency agreed to give the go-ahead for E15 to officially hit the market.

E15 can only be used by drivers whose cars are not older than 2001, but it is expected that quite a lot of people will decide to purchase it.

While environmentalists claim that using E15 is beneficial for the natural world, others argue that this particular fuel still need to undergo various tests so as to make sure that it does not damage car engines.

Moreover, some are worried that, because of its increased ethanol concentration, there is a considerable risk of it simply catching fire.

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