Kangaroos Sabotage Women's Australian Open at Royal Canberra

The animals took over the golf course, players had to wait for them to leave

Earlier this week, professional golfers at the Women's Australian Open were left with no choice except take a short break from their game after the golf field at the Royal Canberra was pretty much taken over by a mob of kangaroos.

Eyewitnesses explain that the animals simply showed up on the golf course and started bouncing around, as if trying to prove that, golfers or no golfers, such exquisite grass was put there for them alone to enjoy.

As the picture above shows, these kangaroos were quite determined not to show the golfers any kind of respect, hence their taking their time leaving.

Sources report that, because of these intruders, golfer Karrie Webb was forced to take a break when reaching the ninth hole.

Thus, the golfer merely stood there and patiently waited for the kangaroos to go find some other people to bother.

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