Kaepernicking Becomes Internet Craze After Player's 50-Yard Touchdown Run

Kissing one's biceps in a celebratory manner is increasingly popular on Twitter

“Kaepernicking,” or kissing one's biceps, preferably if one's arms are tattooed, is actually becoming a thing on Twitter.

The trend was, of course, started by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as he enacted his now famous celebratory gesture after Saturday night's game.

The quarterback helped win the game against the Green Bay Packers, 45 to 31, Mercury News writes. His 50-yard (45.7-m) touchdown run has made him an Internet legend.

49ers fans are making the tattoo kiss quite popular on social media, giving it the viral status of a meme. According to The Score, the player himself retweeted several pictures of his followers doing the kiss.

A few weeks before keapernicking took off, a talented little coined the term, in a rap video. 5-year-old Sarah Redden posted a tribute clip to Kaepernick on YouTube, in which she sported fake tattoos to better resemble her idol.

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