Kabang, Hero Dog That Lost Snout, Released from Hospital

Doctors did their best to treat her wounds, Kabang can now return to the Philippines

All's well that ends well seems to be the moral of Kabang's story. This pooch lost her snout while rescuing two young girls from a speeding motorcycle.

Later on, it was discovered that she also had cancer. And heart worms.

Fast forward several months, and it appears that it's business as usual for this dog.

Kabang has recently been released from the veterinary medical teaching hospital at the University of California, Davis, and is now getting ready to be reunited with her family in the Philippines.

The doctors at said hospital fixed her wounds as best as they could.

It may very well be that Kabang will look strikingly similar to Yoda for the rest of her life, but at least her facial wound is now closed and she no longer has to worry about contracting any infections.

“We were extremely pleased with the overall progress Kabang made while at UC Davis.”

“Kabang ideally completed each stage of treatment throughout the nearly eight months she was with us, and it was a pleasure having her as a patient,” specialist Gina Davis said.

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