KOffice 2.0 RC1 Has Landed

The first release candidate brings a lot of bugfixes

The developer team behind the KOffice suite announced today the release of KOffice 2.0 Release Candidate 1. This version doesn't add any new features but brings many bugfixes and improvements. "This is the very last chance to make sure we know about release critical bugs that may have escaped our attention — which is possible, no matter how obvious they might seem to you — so it is very important that you give us your feedback and report remaining bugs!" was stated in the official release announcement.

KOffice 2.0 RC1 contains the Kword, KPresenter, KSpread, Karbon, Krita and KPlato office applications while KChart is available as a shape plugin throughout the KOffice suite. Kexi and Kivio are still under heavy development and they will be present in a future release.

Highlights of KOffice 2.0 RC1:

· The Print preview now works on all pages;

· Fixed focus problems while using the mouse wheel;

· Fixed the progress report;

· Setting the unit on  the spinbox no longer makes it emit an incorrect value;

· A crash that occurred when zooming out too much was fixed;

· Fixed a crash that occurred when right clicking in split view mode;

· A crash that occurred when loading certain documents in KWord was fixed;

· Printing jobs issued through the command line will now print all the documents' pages;

· Fixed the Create Custom Outline option;

· Page orientation is now saved in KWord;

· A crash that occurred when closing a document in KWord was fixed;

· A bug that prevented users to start typing immediately in KWord was fixed;

· Fixed grid drawing in KWord;

· A bug related to KSpread embedding in Konqueror was fixed;

· It is now possible to assign gradients to the backround in KPresenter;

· A crash that occurred when clicking into the notes textbox in Kpresenter was fixed;

· A data set color is now used for lines in a line diagram;

· Loading KPlato files is now done properly;

· A bug that deleted gradient lines if they were dragged over each other was fixed in Karbon;

· The random number generator has been improved in Krita;

· Fixed a crash that occurred in the drop shadow effect in Krita;

· Added new icons for tools in Krita;

· Export to EXR was fixed in Krita;

· If a filter layer's configuration hasn't changed, the filters are not reapplied in Krita;

· Filter preview was fixed in Krita;

· Better handling of large images in Krita;

· Several Plug-in fixes.

Read the full changelog here.

Download KOffice 2.0 RC1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is an unstable release and it should not be used on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

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