KOTOR 3 Featured New Sith Lord, Return of Revan, Says Obsidian Developer

The team failed to get the greenlight from LucasArts

Chris Avellone is one of the leading developers at Obsidian and he says that the canceled Knights of the Old Republic 3 would have been one of the most interesting releases in the history of the company, putting an end to the trilogy.

He tells Eurogamer that his studio planned to bring Revan, one of the main characters of the first KOTOR, back for the third game while also introducing an entirely new type of Sith Lord for players to battle.

Avellone states, “The idea was that even before the ‘modern day’ Sith came into being in The Old Republic there were even more distant Sith Lords that were considered the true Sith, and the idea that they were still lurking out there in the galaxy waiting for a chance to strike.”

Revan was powerful enough to understand the potential threat and worked to set up a situation where an assault from the ancient Sith could be repulsed by an alliance between the biggest factions in the Star Wars universe.

The team says that Knights of the Old Republic 3 would have continued to have the Ebon Hawk as the base of the player, and companions including HK-47 and T3-M4 would have returned to stand by the player.

Despite the interesting core structure, Obsidian has failed to persuade LucasArts to allocate resources to the project.

Avelloone says, “It felt like we were pitching and pitching and it just wasn’t going anywhere, and at some point people just drew a line and said ‘it’s just not going to happen’, which made us kind of sad, but, OK, if that’s the business, that’s the business.”

At the moment, Obsidian is working on Project Eternity, a classic party- and turn-based role-playing game.

LucasArts has been bought by Disney and is at the moment working with Electronic Arts to create Star Wars games.

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