KNOPPIX 6.2 Is Available for Download

ADRIANE 1.2 also released

Klaus Knopper proudly announced on November 18th version 6.2 of the famous KNOPPIX Live Linux distribution. Being based on Debian Lenny (Testing and Unstable), the brand-new KNOPPIX 6.2 is powered by Linux kernel, X.Org 7.4 and it uses the lightweight LXDE as a desktop environment. The Live CD version of KNOPPIX, entitled "Microknoppix," has been completely rewritten based on the KNOPPIX boot system, from the 6.0 and 6.1 versions. Also included in KNOPPIX 6.2 is the A.D.R.I.A.N.E. 1.2 (Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment) talking menu, especially designed for the visually impaired.

"'Microknoppix' is a complete rewrite of the KNOPPIX boot system from version 60 and up. [...] The current version 6.2 has been completely updated from Debian/'Lenny,' 'Testing' and 'Unstable,' and uses Kernel, xorg 7.4 for supporting current/most computer hardware." - Klaus Knopper said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of KNOPPIX 6.2:

· Based on Debian Lenny;

· Linux kernel;

· X.Org 7.4;

· LXDE desktop environment;

· Fast startup;

· GNOME and KDE4 desktop environments on the Live DVD;

· Added NetworkManager and nm-applet;

· Persistent ISO image.

Above all this, the KNOPPIX Live CD can now be easily remastered and all the modifications made in the Live environment can be saved, and even encrypted with AES/256-bit. KNOPPIX can be easily installed on the hard drive or on a USB flash disk, which is also the recommended option by Klaus Knopper himself.

What is KNOPPIX?

KNOPPIX is a bootable Live CD and DVD, baked from the most popular and useful free and open source applications, backed up by an automatic hardware detection and support for many video cards, USB and SCSI devices, as well as a lot of other peripherals. Thanks to the high compression it uses, the Live CD can have up to 2 GB of packages installed on it.

Download KNOPPIX 6.2 right now from Softpedia.

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