KFC Protester Dressed as a Chicken Gets Food Thrown at Him

16-year-old Olly Tyler simply wished to make a case about animal cruelty

A 16-year-old animal rights activist who happens to be very fond of chickens has recently decided that the time had come for him to take matters into his own hands and raise some awareness with respect to how KFC treated poultry while this was still alive and kicking.

In order to achieve his self-set goal, Olly Tyler got his hands on $962 (about €710) and spent them all on designing and manufacturing a chicken suit. Once the suit was ready, he put it on and headed to a KFC restaurant in Trowbridge, England.

Sources report that Olly's initial plan was to protest KFC's abusing chickens for two days. However, almost immediately after he arrived at the restaurant, customers started picking on him.

The teenager now says that while most of these KFC supporters settled for throwing various food items (i.e. chicken wings, chicken nuggets and even some sauce packets) at him, others went as far as to push and shove him.

Because of this, Olly only got the chance to protest and voice his opinions for about five hours.

One can only assume that, following this experience, it will be a while until this teen decides to once again stand up for abused chickens worldwide.

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