KFA2 MDT GeForce GTX 560 Ti Support Up to Five Displays

KFA2, the European branch of the Taiwanese Galaxy graphics card maker, has just announced the introduction of two new multi-monitor capable Nvidia GeForce solutions that can drive up to five displays simultaneously.

KFA2 was able to overcome the limitations imposed by Nvidia's hardware by using a third-party IDT VMM1400 controller, a chip that is usually found in multi-display hub devices.

The first of the two cards showcased by KFA2 is called the GTX 560 Ti MDT X5 and uses the same PCB design as the GTX 460 WHDI and GTX 460 Razor.

However, unlike the other two models in KFA2 lineup, the MDT X5 comes with a dual-link DVI, a DisplayPort and four mini-HDMI outputs, which can support up to five monitors simultaneously.

The displays attached to the mini-HDMI ports can be combined into a single monitor and the card supports resolution of up to 5040x1050@60Hz, when running in a three-monitor mode, or 5760x900@60Hz, in a four-monitor mode.

In addition to the GTX 560 Ti MDT X5, KFA2 has also demonstrated a multi-display card which is based on the GeForce GT 210 GPU.

The graphics card uses a single slot passive cooling system and features two proprietary DMS59 connectors.

By using the supplied cable adapters, each one of these supports two DVI monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1080 thanks to a pair of VMM1402 chips. The card will be bundled together with the WinSplit Revolution desktop utility.

“Multi Display Technology not only allows you to increase the size of desktop space, but with multi-tasking being key, these cards provide the ultimate solution in multi-display computing at a cost like no other solution on the market.” said Graham Brown, European Marketing Manager.

So far, KFA2 hasn't disclosed any information regarding the price of these two multi-monitor Nvidia GeForce solutions.


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