KDE 4.11 Will Be a LTS Release, KDE 5.x to Get All the New Features

The KDE project has undergone a fundamental change in its release cycle

The KDE 4.10 branch is one of the most successful releases in their history, and the developers have decided to release the 4.11 branch as a LTS.

Aaron Seigo, a developers for Plasma workspaces, has shared with the community some of the future plans of the KDE project.

“It will be the last feature release in the 4.x series of Plasma Workspaces. Feature development will switch fully to the Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5 based Plasma Workspaces 2.

We will be providing stabilization releases (bug fixes, translation improvements, etc.) for two years for the 4.11 release of KDE Plasma Workspaces,” stated Aaron Seigo in a blog post.

This is actually great news for developers who want to integrate a more stable version in their distributions.

The fact that KDE 4.11 will become a LTS release (long term support) means that the development team will focus more on stability for the next couple of years. Don’t expect new features, you will have to leave those for the 5.x branch.

“This does not effect, in any way, anything other than the code currently in the kde-workspace repository. Applications are not affected, kdelibs and kderuntime will continue on as they currently are (with kdelibs in a feature freeze of its own already).

I fully expect there to be a 4.12 and likely a 4.13 release of the applications, and how long that goes on will be up to the application developers and release team,” said Aaron Seigo.

Another important announcement from the KDE developers, is that the term Software Compilations might not apply any more.

Even if a couple of major updates, per year, for the desktop environment might be enough, the integrated software needs to be updated more frequent than that.

This means that the development cycles in the KDE project will have to be decoupled and some parts will be updated faster than others.

The first release in the KDE 4.11 branch is expected to arrive on August 14, 2013.

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