KB2887595 Microsoft Update Fails to Install on Windows 8.1

Users are experiencing issues with one of the updates released on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released eight security bulletins as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday rollout, but it turns out that one of the updates is causing problems on a number of Windows 8.1 computers.

According to some posts on the company’s Community forums, the KB2887595 update fails to install on machines running the new Windows 8.1 operating system, even though everything seems to be working just fine once the download comes to an end.

Affected users are reporting that after reboot, they are provided with an error reading “Failure configure Windows Updates. Undoing changes.”

“I have had trouble on 2 Windows 8.1 x64 installations. One of them is a surface pro, which updated after about 10 attempts (having to fixit in between each attempt). On the other PC this update just won't install - it fails with error 80070057. I have run fixit multiple times, manually stopped the windows update service and deleted all entries in SoftwareDistribution and DataStore then restarted the service,” another user detailed the issues experienced on his computers.

Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on this problem, so it’s a bit too early to tell whether it’s just another botched update or only a compatibility glitch experienced on a limited number of computers.

History shows that Microsoft has made releasing botched updates quite a common practice, with many of the bulletins released in the last few months causing lots of problems on Windows computers.

Consumers across the world are still reporting that some of the updates released this year are being offered repeatedly right now, even though they seem to install just fine at the first glance.

While Microsoft initially said that it addressed this problem with a hotfix, many users are still having the same problems, with a number of updates apparently locked in an installation loop on either Windows XP or Windows 7.

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