KB2802618 Windows Update Locked in Installation Loop

Users are now having problems with yet another update released by Microsoft

You probably heard of Microsoft’s botched updates that are still causing quite a lot of problems to Windows users, regardless of the OS version they are currently running.

It turns out that one of the updates released by Microsoft on the October 2013 Patch Tuesday cycle is still locked in an installation loop, approximately one month after the company officially started delivering the fixes to Windows users.

Posts on Microsoft’s Community forums confirm that the KB2802618 update is still being offered repeatedly on a number of Windows 8 computers, even though it initially seems to install just fine.

Some of the affected users say they have tried multiple workarounds, but none really worked to get the update successfully installed.

“Manual repair was not successful. After exhausting many, many routes, including one-by-one installs, found to be down to the Software Protection Service not wanting to start - at all. This was NOT fixed by a ‘Refresh’ within Windows 8, nor was it fixed by off-line SFC or by DISM /cleanup (when I eventually got it to work),” one user explained.

Others have apparently turned to the final workaround: a clean install of Windows 8.

“There is nothing to reset. Just do a re-install of Windows over the current install. Almost nothing changes,” one of the users who decided to perform a clean install wrote.

Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on this new bug, but the company already addressed some patches locked in similar installation loops last month in an attempt to fix problems on Windows computers.

As far as users are concerned, a new patch is clearly needed, especially because more people are making the move to Windows 8. At this point, this new botched update is affecting Windows 8 exclusively, so if you are running another version, you’re still on the safe side.

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