KB2760411, KB2760588, and KB2760583 Windows 7 Updates Cannot Be Installed

Users are complaining that some updates try to install over and over again

Microsoft rolled out a total of 13 security updates on Patch Tuesday, trying to fix flaws in several products across its range, including Office, Windows, and Internet Explorer.

Now it appears that some users are experiencing issues with a number of bulletins on Windows 7, as three different bulletins cannot be installed at all on specific configurations.

KB2760411, KB2760588, and KB2760583 Windows 7 cannot be installed and after a computer reboot they reappear in the “Windows Update” section.

“The updates are successfully installed, but they keep showing up in Windows Update as needing to be installed. I guess we could hide them if need be, but all three show as being successfully installed on my computer,” one user said in a comment posted on Microsoft’s support forums.

“Same problem. Vista 64-bit. Tried disabling antivirus, but no difference. Updates show as installed in Programs and Features. Would welcome a work around. I'm perfectly willing to edit registry if that's what it would take to effect a repair.”

At this point, Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on the matter, so the company is most likely looking into the matter as we speak, which means that more details should be provided soon.

In the meantime, no workaround seems to be working for this problem, so an official fix is a must-have for both users and Microsoft, as Windows 7 doesn’t seem to be the only affected platform.

“I have tried restarting the PC. Nothing. I have also tried FixIt when trying to troubleshoot Windows Update errors. Still nothing. The FixIt simply ‘runs’ till the end and then says ‘finish.’ It did not offer to fix anything,” one user explained.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for more comments on this, so we will update the article when and if we get an answer.

Update: it turns out that some other patches are also causing problems on Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. More details and a quick way to deal with the problem are available here.

Update 2: we can now confirm that Windows XP users are experiencing similar problems, but no workaround is available at this point.

Update 3: according to some users, the KB2670838 issues are being caused by outdated video card drivers, so updating them could solve all your problems on Windows 7.

Update 4: we finally received a statement from Microsoft, but the company hasn't provided any official workaround for these problems. It did reveal however that it is now investigating the issues.

Update 5: Microsoft has decided to pull the KB2817630 patch from Windows Update servers until a fix is released.

Update 6: As of this morning (September 14), all updates seem to install just fine and Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that it managed to fix all issues.

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