Justin Timberlake's Marriage to Jessica Biel Is in Trouble

The singer's grandmother reveals the couple is struggling to stay together

The marriage between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel is “hard going” according to Justin's grandmother who gives some inside information that comes to confirm the latest rumors the couple was struggling.

Justin and Jessica are trying to make ends meet, according to the grandmother, “They are married but they are so busy, both of them, it's hard going.” She's referring to their busy schedules that are making them take more and more time apart.

While Justin is out busy promoting new material and preparing a new tour, Jessica is busy elsewhere either filming or promoting her cinematographic efforts, according to the Sun, cited by Contactmusic.

“'I'm sure when it's right to have children they will, but not now,” the dotting grandmother said, after it was speculated that one of the reason for tension between the two members of the famous couple was the fact that Justin didn't want children but Jessica did.

The grandmother feels bad for his grandson's wife, Jessica, “'I think Jessica finds that really tough. She's on her own a good deal. If he's not coming back at night that puts a strain on things, of course it does,” she reveals.

But, in the end, she gives a promising outcome to the marriage, claiming that their love will overcome all of this and they will manage to be happy together.

Previous reports from their household spoke of cheating, jealousy, divorce lawyers and differences of opinion. According to them, Justin hasn't been faithful to Jessica and now, the jealous wife, had it out to catch him in the act and was even said to be lawyering up, getting ready for a messy divorce.

The couple hasn't been seen out together in a long time, Justin having to do his Saturday Night Live performance alone, sparking rumors that they are heading for a divorce by this spring.

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