Justin Timberlake Puts on Major Diva Act on Night Out

Justin Timberlake is quite a diva when he wants to be, claims a new report. On a recent outing to promote his and Mila Kunis’ rom-com “Friends with Benefits,” the actor acted as a very insufferable diva, even yelling at a waitress.

As InTouch Weekly puts it, one would expect Justin, who’s been in the spotlight ever since he was a kid, to know how to control his temper when in public – or maybe he just forgot how to be a “mortal,” the mag suggests (story via here).

Admittedly, the actor attended a party at The Boom Boom Room to promote the film, but forgot to take his good mood with him. As such, he acted like a jerk the entire night.

“He was really in a terrible mood. He was awful to the staff, making unreasonable demands and acting like a total prince,” an eyewitness says for the aforementioned publication.

Justin made sure everyone knew that he considered himself an A-lister, even though he should’ve been on his best behavior because the appearance is part of the promo tour for the film.

Also at the party were Mila Kunis, Jenna Elfman, Patricia Clarkson and Justin’s mother Lynn Harless, but no one dared tell him that he was being a diva.

“He ordered a glass of champagne but complained that it was flat and demanded another one,” another spy says for the same publication.

He returned the second glass as well, also claiming it was “flat” and asking the waitress to open another bottle especially for him.

“However, still not content with the third glass, the surly singer told his friends he would drink it anyway, because he was ‘sick of dealing with her’ – referring to his hapless hostess. Understandably, everyone was relieved when the 30-year-old finally left,” InTouch writes.

Before taking his leave, Justin was overheard “warning his driver that if he wasn’t parked right outside the front door, he would ‘lose his [expletive]!’” InTouch says, citing other unnamed sources.

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