Justin Timberlake Mocks Hugo Chavez in SNL Opener – Video

JT returns as host and musical guest, brings record ratings

Justin Timberlake is, without a doubt, one of the most popular hosts of Saturday Night Live. He did not disappoint with this weekend’s stint either, even though he did step on a few toes with his opener.

Check it out in full above. For the time being, only this low-quality version is available.

As you can see, Timberlake, who was also the musical guest of the evening, decked in full Elton John sparkly costume, took to the stage for the opener to perform “Candle in the Wind” for late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who lost the battle with cancer last week.

Introduced by Fred Armisen, “John” sang about Chavez’s most risible media stunts and his most outrageous public statements.

“You said the US causes earthquakes and you outlawed Coke Zero. And on your shoulder sat your parrot with a matching red beret,” he sang.

Of course, not few were those to find offense in the song. Check it out and let me know what you think: is it offensive or just in good fun?

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