Justin Theroux Thinks Brad Pitt Was “Very Uncool” with Jennifer Aniston Comments

Current fiancé “warns” ex-husband to stop dissing Aniston to promote his film

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine to promote his new film, “World War Z,” Brad Pitt talked about his life 10 years ago, when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, in very unflattering terms. Jen’s current fiancé Justin Theroux thinks it’s “very uncool” of him to do that.

Though Pitt didn’t even mention the marriage to Aniston, let alone her name, in the interview, he leaves little room for doubt as to the fact that he’s referring to it, as we also reported at the time.

It might not even have been a conscious thing, but the world at large perceived it as “Pitt is dissing Aniston again.” So did Justin Theroux, according to the latest print issue of Star magazine (story via CB).

“Justin Theroux has two words for Brad Pitt: ZIP IT. Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé has warned her ex not to talk about her anymore as he promotes his new movie, World War Z. According to a pal, Justin is upset that Brad has once again referenced the union that ended eight years ago,” the mag writes.

In fact, Theroux got so inflamed that he actually sent Brad message (through a “mutual Hollywood acquaintance”) to let him know that he won’t be having any more of this.

“It’s very uncool that once again you’re taking shots at Jen in public – please stop, because it’s really upsetting her,” the message reportedly read.

“Jennifer is hurt that he would do it again. Jen has moved on with Justin and is finally happy, but he keeps pouring salt into the wound,” an insider says for the aforementioned weekly.

Pitt pulled a similar stunt in 2010, in an interview with Parade, when he was promoting another film.

On that particular occasion, he was a bit more specific, saying his life before Angelina Jolie had been “dull and boring” and uninteresting. He later issued a semi-apology to say he hadn’t meant it as an insult to Aniston, but few believed it.

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