Justin Theroux Bids $450,000 (333,333 Euros) on Painting for Jennifer Aniston

Stars go out on date, throw some charity work in the mix

Many people said they wouldn’t last, but they seem to be just as in love as they were at the beginning. Hollywood’s “it couple” Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were at a recent charity function – where he bid for a painting she wanted.

The report, for some reason, has caused a lot of ruckus in the blogosphere because Justin bid for the work of art, but let Aniston pay for it.

As expected, this prompted some talk about how she was his “Sugar Momma,” but the truth could be that Justin was simply trying to help Jennifer out with doing a good deed for charity, as AceShowbiz reports.

“Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend Justin Theroux won her a painting for an extravagant $450,000 (333,333 Euros),” the e-zine writes, adding that the couple attracted the most attention at the Christie’s auction.

The auction was organized with the help of Jen’s good friend Ben Stiller and raised over $13 million (9.7 million Euros) for people in need in Haiti.

“At ‘Artist for Haiti,’ Aniston waited behind the wings while Theroux bid on Glenn Ligon’s abstract oil, charcoal and graphite work called ‘Stranger #44’,” AceShowbiz writes.

She clapped “enthusiastically” when he won the bid, clearly happy with her latest acquisition and, perhaps above all, with her doing something to help those in need, eyewitnesses say.

“The price tag for the art piece was estimated between $150,000 (111,111 Euros) to $200,000 (148,148 Euros), so the final number exceeded the expectation,” the e-zine further writes.

To cap off such an excellent night, Stiller took his celebrity friends out for dinner after the auction.

“Stiller and wife Christine Taylor hosted a dinner at Il Cantinori the next night, joined by not only Aniston and Theroux but also Susan Sarandon and former US President Bill Clinton,” the aforementioned publication writes.

Since earlier reports had it that Justin and Jennifer were looking for a place to live in together in NYC, it could very well be that “Stranger #44” will find a place on the walls of the couple’s new home.

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