Justin Bieber Murder Plot: Three Criminals Planned to Kill Singer in New York

Details of gruesome murder-for-hire plot targeting The Biebs emerge online

Justin Bieber, like many other celebrities, is almost constantly surrounded by bodyguards but, as it turns out, it’s not just the crazed fans they’re supposed to protect him from. Details of a gruesome murder-for-hire plot targeting him have emerged online.

A criminal now serving two life sentences in jail for murder and rape, Dana Martin, planned to kill Bieber at one of his sold-out concerts in New York City, The Huffington Post reports.

Martin had even made sure to enlist the help of a fellow inmate, who, in turn, approached another man to join in the plot.

According to reports online cited by HuffPo, the three had talked extensively and planned their attack to the smallest detail: the goal was to get to the pop superstar, castrate and have him killed.

The whole thing should have gone down this past November.

“Martin recruited former fellow inmate Mark Staake, who in turn allegedly recruited his nephew Tanner Ruane, to strangle Bieber and his bodyguard with a paisley tie and then castrate them,” says the aforementioned publication.

“Ruane even had the pruning shears. But the Bieber murder plot was foiled when Martin, who reportedly is an obsessive Bieber fan with a tattoo of the teen singer on his leg, turned in his accomplices,” HuffPo writes.

Both of Martin’s accomplices were arrested one day apart, and were found to be carrying documents about other intended victims.

“Martin's murder-for-hire plot involved other targets as well, including multiple unnamed individuals in the St. Albans, Vt., area,” HuffPo writes, adding that this is not the first time Bieber is targeted in a murder plot.

However, it is, without a doubt, an attempt that got worryingly far and involved more than one crazed anti-Belieber – the previous one was rather a death threat on Facebook than an actual plot.

The singer has not addressed any of the above ever since word of the attempt got out online.

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