Justin Bieber’s Post-Split, Revenge Fashion Makes Selena Gomez Laugh

Star steps out in ridiculous outfit, ex is having a blast looking at pictures, says report

Justin Bieber has always been a favorite with fashion bloggers for all the wrong reasons, but his recent, post-breakup / revenge style is keeping even his ex, Selena Gomez, duly entertained, according to a new report.

The photo attached is of Justin Bieber in London the other day. This pic and the rest of the same batch are now viral, keeping celebrity and fashion bloggers, but also fans, tremendously busy with writing catty comments.

Selena too had a blast when she saw them, Hollywood Life reports.

“She hasn’t laughed harder in a very long time, she was embarrassed for him,” an insider says for the publication.

She had every reason to laugh and to feel embarrassed, the same media outlet goes on to point out.

“Atop his head was a large, bright yellow, flat-brimmed hat detailed with metallic spikes. He also donned oversized hipster glasses. Justin’s black sweatshirt and gold chain are actually par for the course, but lower down, it’s hard not to notice the gold watches he’s rocking on BOTH wrists,” HL says.

Perhaps he was really set not to be late for some important meeting or another.

“It’s all topped off by baggy, pink leopard-print sweats. Or are they pajamas?” the e-zine adds.

In the photo from this article, you can see that Justin is actually holding up his pants so that he can walk properly.

Other pics available online, of his outfit from the back, reveal that his backside was hanging out of the pants completely, while the pants hung low giving off the impression of a diaper filled with No. 2, if you pardon us the comparison.

All in all, it wasn’t a good look and, if it’s true that Selena laughed at it, her reaction wouldn’t be that surprising.

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