Justin Bieber’s Hair Has Its Own Bodyguard

If you ever thought you have a fair idea of just how famous Justin Bieber is, picture this: he’s so famous even the hair that’s no longer on his head needs its own bodyguard and extra security measures. A lock of Bieber’s hair is now touring the US.

As fans must remember, some time ago, The Biebs cut his hair and ditched his trademark bowl cut known as “The Bieber.”

He agreed to give away some locks of hair for charity, with one of these selling for the whopping sum of $40,000, thanks to a partnership with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The buyers of said lock are now traveling with it across the country, putting it on display in the hope of raising even more money for a good cause.

That means they have to take extra safety measures to protect it from the Beliebers, the singer’s fans, TMZ writes.

“Behind two bodyguards, inside of a glass case, sits the hair Bieber recently chopped off during the infamous salon session in which he altered his legendary hairstyle forever,” TMZ says.

It even has a photo of the lock in question, which comes complete with an autograph from the man himself, from Justin.

“As you may have heard, the hair sold for more than $40k during a special charity auction on eBay – and now, it’s making special appearances around the country,” says the e-zine.

This means chances for fans to get pictures of the lock in question – just in case they can’t get one of its former owner, the pop star.

“In fact, the hair is about to go on display at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami, where fans of Bieber’s locks can pose with the strand... as long as they cough up a donation for the tsunami relief effort in Japan,” says TMZ.

Cutting his hair may have cost Justin Bieber 80,000 Twitter followers, but at least he’s turned this into something good.

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