Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite in Texas

The two pop stars are spotted on a Starbucks run together

Weeks of speculation from the press who reached out to several insiders and unnamed sources have come to a screeching end as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are spotted casually walking around Texas together, as if they never broke up.

The media speculated the these two were at each other's throats, or at least Selena was because of Justin's past infidelities that also seemed to include Miley Cyrus at some point; yet, here they are, grabbing a cup of coffee together from Starbucks.

TMZ has the photo of the pop singers together, and although Selena is wearing a hoodie and trying to conceal her identity, the website claims that they spent the day together, having a good time.

Just yesterday it was reported that Justin flew off the handle when a lawyer got a little bit too nosy when it came to his relationship with Selena during a deposition for an assault case hearing, proving it was a touchy subject.

Earlier in the week, it was again Justin who sparked reunion rumors when he posted a photo of Gomez, all dressed up for some event, which he captioned “the most beautiful princess.” Since there was no official reply from Gomez, people naturally assumed that she was brushing the compliment off and had no intention of reconciling with the Canadian crooner.

Yet here they are, walking around town, with friends and bodyguards in tow as excited passersby recognized them and tried to snap photos. They were reportedly even spotted hugging in a floral shop and talked about flowers before they headed to a perfume shop.

You may ask yourself what Justin and Selena are doing all the way in Texas. The answer to that question can be found out when consulting Selena's concert schedule. A closer look indicates that she is scheduled to perform on Saturday, March 8 in Hidalgo, Texas, which is exactly where they were spotted.

At the moment, from the evidence presented, it looks like Justin flew out to Texas all the way from Miami where he was present in court yesterday and also trying to butter up his ex by buying her flowers and perfume. That's always a good way to get to a woman's heart. Another way is by not cheating on her.

Though about a month late with the whole Valentine's Day routine, Justin seems to be pushing the right buttons at the moment as Selena appears to be enjoying herself. She posted a photo from their reported Starbucks run on her Instagram, which shows her pensively looking at her plastic cup of coffee, while dressed in all black leather and with a pair of retro sunglasses.

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