Justin Bieber Trained with Mike Tyson Before “Attacking” Paparazzo

Photos, videos of the pop star boxing emerge online

Before Justin Bieber reportedly lost his cool and assaulted a paparazzo, for which reason he's wanted for questioning in a battery case, he was training with none other than boxing legend Mike Tyson, it has emerged.

The two are probably not connected in any way, but many will undoubtedly do so should the photographer be able to provide irrefutable evidence that The Biebs struck him during the altercation they had in the street.

Either way, videos and photos of Justin training with box champ Mike Tyson emerged online, posted by both stars on their respective Twitter pages.

You can see a video of The Biebs throwing punches at a punching bag here.

The photo attached to this article was snapped on the same occasion. It came with a caption from Tyson, reading “Me, @johnny and @justinbieber before we started training JB.”

As noted above, the other day, as he was driving home with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber got into an altercation with a photographer, which resulted in the latter calling the police and filing a formal complaint.

There is no evidence to support his claim that Justin hit him, but he complained of pain in his upper torso and was taken to the hospital for it.

The incident seems to have been provoked by the paparazzo, who got in front of Justin's car to take a picture and would not move even though the teen heartthrob was obviously in no mood to pose for pictures.

Eyewitnesses told the press afterwards that, after Justin and Selena left once the scuffle ended, a lawyer approached the photographer and told him he could make a lot of money off the incident, which is when he called the police to say he'd been assaulted.

At the time we reported on it, Justin still had not presented himself to the police for questioning.

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