Justin Bieber Talks “Believe Acoustic,” SNL on Jimmy Fallon – Video

Pop star drops by for some promo work, talks live shows and fame

Justin Bieber has a new album to promote, “Believe Acoustic,” but also a Saturday Night Live gig: this weekend, he’ll be pulling double duty on SNL, as host and the musical guest.

He stopped by Jimmy Fallon the other night and, when not kissing a mannequin and showing off his abs, he talked about his brand new album, his concerts and whether he’s nervous about SNL.

“I'm nervous, but I think it's going to be fun. I've just got to remember to memorize the lines,” he says of hosting the show, as the video above will confirm.

As for why he decided to come out with an acoustic album, he says he wants people to remember that he’s an artist first and foremost, not a pop star.

He was found on, not “made” by the Internet, and the album should stand as proof of that.

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