Justin Bieber Stolen Footage Emerges: “Beauty and a Beat” Video

New video prompts speculation stolen laptop incident was shameless PR stunt

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber threw a tantrum on Twitter over a stolen laptop that contained, understandably, personal information and data. The release of his brand new video for “Beauty and a Beat,” ft. Nicki Minaj, makes it look as if the whole thing was just a shameless PR stunt.

Check it out above.

Of course, it’s the statement at the beginning of the video that makes it look as if allegations of thievery were a scam, even though his rep insists a police report has been filed because it really happened.

All such considerations aside, the video is fun and, just as importantly, already going viral fast. Then again, it’s Justin Bieber, it would have been ridiculous not to expect it to hit the million-view threshold in hours!

If you’re a fan, enjoy. If you’re not, you should probably not be reading this.

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