Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Seen Kissing in Norway

The two have rekindled their romance, sources confirm

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have called it quits a short while ago after he reportedly started behaving badly, but they’re back together now, a source confirms for People magazine.

Shortly after reports emerged online that Selena had traveled to Norway, where Justin was as part of his international tour and after photos of him clutching a phone with a Selena wallpaper emerged online, People has confirmation that the romance is back on.

They met up in Norway and, according to sources, weren’t exactly going out of their way to fly under the radar. On the contrary, actually.

“The Spring Breakers star traveled to Oslo, Norway to be with the pop star, who performed a concert there Thursday. And the two have left no doubt that their romantic flame has reignited,” People writes.

“They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips. They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together,” an insider explains for the publication.

Selena and Justin called it off for good (they had been broken up before, but it was never that serious) in November after a series of rows over his heavy partying and flirting, allegedly.

Fed up, Selena broke up with him but, another source says for People, they kept in contact and she never really turned her back on him because she will always love him.

As it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

As noted above, reports that the two were together again started making the rounds yesterday. Then, as Justin was photographed walking to his car a few hours later, fans noticed that the wallpaper on his phone was a photo of Selena.

This was enough to get the rumor mill going and, according to People, with good reason too.

Fans will have to wait to see if, this time, they manage to overcome whatever differences they had.

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