Grammys 2013: Justin Bieber Rips Patrick Carney over Grammy Remark

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney hinted that Bieber wasn’t “Grammy material”

Justin Bieber is lashing at Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney for hinting that he wasn’t “Grammy material.”

“The black keys drummer should be slapped around haha,” the singer posted on Twitter today, as reported by TMZ.

Carney spoke about Bieber after Sunday’s Grammys ceremony, noting that he was in the music business only to make a profit.

The original TMZ interview in which Carney expresses his views on Bieber’s music is posted above.

“Justin Bieber? He’s rich, right?” a reporter asks Carney.

Asked if Bieber can “do without a Grammy” as his financial status allows it, Carney shrugs and notes that one should receive the award for displaying an interest in making music, not money.

He goes on to add that Bieber should be happy with receiving a paycheck for the music he makes, and basically stick to that.

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