Justin Bieber Ready for Plea Deal in Egg Assault Case

The singer will be let of the hook if he pays the damage to the neighbor's home

Justin Bieber's “crime spree” from this past February is giving his lawyers headaches, but there is a silver lining on that black storm cloud of overtime they're putting in these days.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County District Attorney is ready to offer a helping hand to Bieber by mediating the conflict between Justin and his egged neighbor. The site claims that the D.A. has already contacted Justin Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, and asked for a sit down over Justin covering the damage to his neighbor's house, that has been estimated at around twenty thousand dollars.

In return, he seems willing to overlook the criminal charges if the Canadian singer pleads guilty to misdemeanor vandalism and forks over for the damages. Should that occur, Justin will have dodged a proverbial bullet and end up avoiding jail but not being placed on informal probation.

There is still ongoing speculation as to where this case is heading. The main issue was that the D.A. and the police couldn't agree on whether to try Justin for misdemeanor or criminal vandalism. The sheriff's department was adamant it was felony vandalism, but the D.A. was hesitant to put the same label.

The main argument the police was using was the huge amount of money Justin's attack ended up costing. Local laws stipulate that if the damage exceeds a certain sum, it gets bumped from misdemeanor vandalism to felony vandalism.

The felony vandalism charge is much harsher and also has the jail time sentence added to it, which is pretty much what the Bieber legal team is trying to avoid at all costs.

At the moment, Justin is in a spot of luck, as the District Attorney doesn't seem to want to pursue the case as a felony. In his opinion, the pop star's antics don't amount to a felony charge, wanting to treat the case as a misdemeanor.

The police, meanwhile, is aiming for a felony because it thinks that the attack was intentional and it caused a serious amount of damage. I may also have something to do with the fact that they've been trying to pin something on the pop artist for a while now and even raided his home in search of evidence.

If all goes out as planned, Justin's egg attack lawsuit might be settled as early as next week, just as soon as Weitzman and the D.A. get together to discuss the terms of the plea deal.

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