Justin Bieber Offers Fans Shirtless Apology and New Song

Teen heartthrob makes it up to fans by releasing “You Want Me”

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber chose to snub the Grammys 2013, which more than made sense considering he wasn’t nominated even once. Instead, he kept in touch with his fans on social media.

Shortly after announcing that he would be releasing a new song on UStream, Bieber was forced to apologize because his Internet connection prevented him from doing just that.

Check out his message above. Yes, he’s shirtless – but not because he’s trying to show off; the man is on vacation, as he himself notes.

During the video, The Biebs also plays a segment of a new song called “You Want Me,” a cleaner version of which he also posted on SoundCloud later, and you can listen to below.

The new track is lifted off Justin’s new album “Believe Acoustic.” Enjoy!

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