Justin Bieber Might Replace Paul Walker in “Fast & Furious 7”

Fans are not amused, they freak out over the rumor

Just as the family of Paul Walker is getting ready for the funeral and the fans are still holding memorial services for the main actor in the “Fast & Furious” series, news is emerging from the production team that he might be replaced with teen idol Justin Bieber.

While the studio isn't saying yet whether Fast & Furious 7” will go on without Paul or whether it will be released next summer, the rumors about what the producers are going to do with his character in the film, Brian O'Connor, have been lately associated with pop singer Justin Bieber.

Justin is friends with at least one member of the FF cast, rapper Ludacris, with whom he's worked on the song “Baby” and who expressed in an interview the desire to try and get Bieber into the movie by helping him get a part.

However, fans of the series are making a stand on social media against the rumor that Bieber might be part of the “Fast & Furious” family. This is a good indication for producers that, while Justin is a favorite with teenage girls, the same cannot be said about racing car enthusiasts.

Also, talking about a replacement for Paul Walker so soon after his tragic death in a car crashmight be in bad taste. Justin hasn't made any official comment on the matter, but there is a fake trailer including him floating around on YouTube.

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