Justin Bieber Is Spending a Fortune on Selena Gomez, May Be Broke Soon

Cases of celebrities burning through their hard-earned money are almost a dime a dozen. Justin Bieber, though young, is worth many millions – but he’s bad at money and runs the risk of ending up broke very soon, says a new report.

Young love is adorable, but, in Justin’s case, young love is also very expensive because he’s spending money like there’s no tomorrow trying to impress his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The latest print issue of the National Enquirer (story via here) claims that The Biebs is spending like crazy on Selena and the huge entourage he’s never parted from.

Though it’s highly doubtful that Justin is allowed to handle his finances without any counseling, the tab says that he’s determined to impress Selena with everything he does – and thus amasses huge bills wherever he goes.

Private jets, expensive gifts and even more expensive holidays, are all burning a hole in his estate. As if that wasn’t enough, Justin is also spending big on his huge entourage, the tab says.

“It’s mind-boggling how much he’s spent in just the past few months. Justin regularly charters private planes to fly Selena and a few of her friends to meet him at various stops on his tour,” a source claiming to be well familiar with the situation says.

“When they can’t be together, he buys out florist shops and sends her enormous bouquets. During a shopping trip in New York City in late June, he treated Selena to tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, accessories and jewelry,” the spy adds.

“Then he whisked her off to the Hamptons for a cruise on a luxury yacht,” adds the insider.

And this is just one of the instances when Justin covered Selena in presents. For instance, when she got sick and was taken to the hospital for exhaustion, Justin bought her a $30,000 diamond Cartier watch just to boost her spirits.

“Justin also spends up to $15,000 a week on dinners and entertainment for a huge entourage of friends and bodyguards,” the spy adds.

“One false move and Justin could become a pop culture punch line like so many teen stars before him,” warns the insider.

Of course, Justin is believed to have made around $53 million in the past year alone, so chances of burning through that on watches and flowers in a few years are rather slim.

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