Justin Bieber Is Controlling Selena Gomez, Says Body Language Expert

Photos say that both are insecure about their relationship

They’re considered one of the hottest couples in showbiz, but that’s not to say they believe they’re necessarily the strongest as well. A body language expert claims that Justin Bieber is too controlling in his romance with Selena Gomez.

After taking their time in confirming whether they were dating or not, Selena and Justin are now practically inseparable.

The amount of photographs that is released everyday, of the two together, is quite overwhelming. To one body language expert interviewed by Hollywood Life, these photos are also very telling.

Dr. Lilian Glass looked at recent photos of the two superstars and noticed instantly that, in many of them, she always seems to walk behind him a step or two.

According to Glass, that’s bad news.

“[It] doesn’t indicate a healthy relationship. Dr. Glass tells us that the reason Justin is usually walking in front of Selena is because he’s ‘insecure’ about their relationship and trying to assert his power,” Hollywood Life writes.

“Walking ahead of her says ‘power’ and that he has to be in charge,” Glass explains for the e-zine.

However, he’s not the only one insecure about the relationship.

“Selena is happily taking a subservient role in the relationship and it says she’s insecure about the relationship too,” the expert adds.

Justin, the doctor ventures a guess, is probably insecure because he happens to be 2 years younger than Selena (she’s 19 and he’s 17), who is also one of the most beautiful stars of her age right now.

Nevertheless, HL points out, millions of girls from all corners of the world would gladly trade places with Selena, so there’s really nothing he should worry about.

Plus, they have a passionate relationship, so there’s always that, Glass underlines.

“It’s good that they walk in step. It shows they are like-minded and both on the same page. There’s also a lot of passion between them, but she just needs to step up and take charge in the relationship,” the expert explains.

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