Justin Bieber Is Back with Selena Gomez but Must Clean Up His Act

Beliebers can breathe easy, the two are back together again – for now

It was touch and go for a while there for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as a couple but, luckily, the two have managed to work out whatever differences they had and are back together again, it has emerged.

Considering that official confirmation of the breakup never came, it would be somewhat absurd to expect the reconciliation to be official.

Even so, The Sun reports that Selena has finally agreed to take Justin back and, in so doing, give their relationship another go.

Word online has it that Selena broke up with him a couple of weeks ago after he flirted heavily with the Angels on Victoria’s Secret annual show, where he was booked to perform.

Since then, Justin had been trying to get her to reconsider, which she eventually did.

“So Justin Bieber has put in a Herculean effort with Selena Gomez and managed to get her to forgive him. The pair have been on a string of dates over the past few weeks to get back on track and after a lot of groveling from Bieber he’s been let off the hook,” the British tab writes.

“Justin and Selena split earlier this month after he invited underwear model Barbara Palvin to his dressing room at the New York Victoria’s Secret show where he performed,” The Sun notes.

An insider confirms that, indeed, Justin and Selena are an item again. However, Justin will have to be on his best behavior from now on.

“After a lot of begging Justin’s eventually been forgiven and has had to admit he’s messed up. It’s early days but she’s taken him back and told him to clean up his act,” says the spy.

Asked about the breakup shortly after word of it got out online, Justin refused to deny or confirm the rumors, but he did hint that not all was right between himself and Selena, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on in my life.”

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