Justin Bieber Grabs Fan’s Breast at Promo Appearance – Photo

Beliebers flip, publicist denies this ever happened

Justin Bieber has always been the kind of pop star who gets really personal with his fans, the Beliebers. By the looks of the photo above, he might have been taking it a bit too far.

The pic was snapped in Miami, as he did a meet and greet with fans to promote his new album, “Believe: Acoustic” and, so far, reaction to it has been extremely mixed, ranging from disbelief to mild outrage but, mostly, laughter.

It was probably meant as a joke and the girl was in it all along but, even so, that’s not stopping certain people from feeling upset about it.

As it happens, they should not lose sleep over it because Bieber’s rep says it never even happened. Talk about mistrusting your eyes.

“That definitely did not happen. He was pulling away from her,” he says.

In other words, whatever contact was made was purely accidental.

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