Justin Bieber Goes Hell for Leather on Dancing With the Stars

The Biebs performs “As Long As You Love Me” live, gets fans hysterical

Justin Bieber is now promoting his upcoming live tour, in support of the “Believe” album and, as it so happens, few are the shows that can offer more exposure than Dancing With the Stars.

On the latest DWTS show, the All-Star edition, Justin performed his brand new single, “As Long As You Love Me,” as the video above will confirm.

Clad in black leather from head to toe and baring his suddenly more muscular arms, Justin got the female fans in the audience hysterical with his fancy dance moves and vocals.

Moreover, he ended his routine with an aerial shot of a heart drawn on the DWTS dance floor, further proof that, even though he may come across as a bad boy, he remains a romantic at heart.


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