Justin Bieber Gets a Serious Beating on “Family Guy” – Video

Teen pop star meets the wrath of Peter Griffin on recent episode

Justin Bieber is no stranger to violence on TV (remember his gruesome death on “CSI”?) but he’s never had his pretty face ruined like in the most recent episode of “Family Guy.”

Above is the video, watch it play out, if you have the stomach for it.

Justin, in his signature purple, and Peter Griffin got into a fight after Peter thought he was making passes at his wife Lois.

Safe to say, by the time Peter was done with him, Justin had a face to match his shirt: purple with variations of red and black.

The Biebs isn’t the only teen pop star to get beaten up on cartoons: last year, his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez, also got thrashed, this time on an episode of “South Park.”

Clearly, these cartoon shows are not for young music fans.

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