Justin Bieber Gets X Tattoo on His Left Arm – Photo

The tattoo depicting the Greek letter “Chi” can be viewed as an illustration of Christ

Justin Bieber has just gotten inked again, and this time he has been spotted with a somewhat cryptic tattoo that appears to depict the letter “X.”

The Daily Mail reveals that the tattoo represents the Greek letter “Chi.” For the 18-year-old performer, the ink symbolizes Christ, a recurrent theme among etchings on his skin.

Bieber has already marked his right calf with an image of Christ and his ribcage with a Hebrew word for Jesus. A pair of praying hands are depicted on his left calf.

He reportedly got his first tattoo, that of an owl, on his arm when he was just 16 years old. His other tattoos include a crown on his chest and the symbol for music written in Japanese Kanji on his right arm.

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