Justin Bieber Drives Eco-Friendly “Swag Car”

Even when he goes green, this pop star keeps playing it cooler than most

Justin Bieber loves cars and is already the proud owner of an enviable collection. Every once in a while, The Biebs splashes serious cash on eco-friendly modes of transportation, as is the case with the car pictured above.

That was once a regular Smart Car but, in the mind of the pop star and thanks to a bunch of talented people, it's now customized and nearly unrecognizable.

Painted in matte jet black, the car is as pimped out as possible, thus making it possible for Bieber to keep playing it cooler than many other celebrities vying for the spotlight.

The logo reading “Smart Car” has been replaced with “Swag Car” - because that's something that Justin knows all about, he's got swagger.

Go here for more photos of the Swag Car and click on the image above to see it in full.

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