Justin Bieber Accused of Hit and Run Offence, Word Has It He Injured a Paparazzo

The singer allegedly drove his Ferrari into a photographer, fled the scene of the accident

First off, fair warning: this story is still developing, so take everything with a grain of salt. Now, it appears that Justin Bieber is facing hit and run charges.

The singer allegedly hit a paparazzo this past Monday night, and fled the scene of the accident. Some are saying that Justin only drove away because he failed to realize that he had just hit a man.

The man injured his leg and had to be taken to a hospital.

Sources say that, at the time of the accident, Justin Bieber was hanging out with rapper Lil Twist, who happens to be one of his closest friends.

Justin reportedly drove his Ferrari into the photographer at about 11.45 pm. The accident happened just as the 19-year-old and his buddy were leaving The Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard.

Before driving off, Justin waved the photographers surrounding his car to move out of the way. The man who got hit is rumored to not have moved away from the singer's car in time.

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