Just Try Not to Be Hypnotized As This Reporter Says Farewell

Gustavo Almodovar will keep you amused for at least 38 seconds

Gustavo Almodovar's memorable sign-off is the center of this viral video. The 2008 clip gained momentum in the last few days, reaching a number of over 180,000 views on YouTube.

“38 Seconds With Gustavo Almadovar” has been featured by Slacktory, Popscreen and Huffington Post, among others.

Almodovar worked as a reporter for Orange County Eyewitness News. The clip is basically a montage of his send-off, in which he pronounces his name in the funniest way possible. For 38 seconds, you need only be amused and try not to be hypnotized.

I don't know if the clip was uploaded by the anchorman himself, but the uploader is listed as AlmodovarGustavo. If he were the author, that would make Gustavo a man with a very good sense of humor.

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