Jurassic Prank – Victims Are Scared by Man in Dinosaur Costume

Comedians test the effects of dinosaurs on people

Comedians at Sketch Empire put together a prank in which one of them dresses up like a dinosaur and tries to take people by surprise.

Their "Jurassic Prank" proved widely popular, with almost 1.4 million views in the last three days. The idea is quite different, as you really do not see a lot of people in dinosaur costumes on the street.

KHA Entertainment provided the Hollywood-level animatronic costumes featured in the clip. Without them, this prank would have been much less funny.

The company's model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which they nicknamed Kojo is really the star of the clip. According to HuffPost, they have the getup on sale, complete with “articulation points, movable limbs and jaw, blinking eyelids and life like sound system.”

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