Jumping on the World's Biggest Pile of Leaves – Video

A 17-feet (5-meter) tall, 60-feet (18-meter) wide pile was created for this clip

Have you ever fancied what it would be like to jump on a gigantic pile of leaves? Three YouTubers have, and they caught it all on camera.

Bangakang devote their time to coming out with pranks, virals and, basically, a lot of fun videos. This time they created what they believe is the World's Biggest Pile Of Leaves, which I cannot confirm.

Nevertheless, they put a lot of time and effort in it, and the result are impressive – over 1,000 bags of leaves were collected. They picked up the bags from sheds, sports stadiums and from the streets of Logan, Utah.

They then proceeded to erect and jump in a 17-feet (5-meter) tall, 60-feet (18-meter) wide pile, which “got shorter with each jump.”

Composer Kevin MacLeod and YouTube user teknoaxe contributed to this clip, by providing the soundtrack.

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