Jumbuck Upgrades Its Fast Flirting Service

Users can now add images and - soon - video

Jumbuck Entertainment announced it has upgraded its popular Fast Flirting service, which is currently available via mobile carriers around the globe. Counting around 40,000 unique users log-ins per day, the Fast Flirting service appeals to mobile users who want a quick flirting experience. Users can exchange text, pictures, emoticons, animations and - soon to be implemented - video.

The Fast Flirting service has benefited from an updated and enhanced look, featuring a new "funky" design. Users can now add custom images to their profile, that can be set as their online portrait or used during a flirt. Other enhancements include the addition of 'Fast Talk' that lets users use pre-defined phrases during conversation, and a wide range of 'emoticons' and 'smileys' that enhance interaction.

"Fast Flirting represents the convergence of several popular phenomena: social networking, dating and mobile chat," said Olivia Hilton, CEO of Jumbuck. "Many of our users are eager to exchange photos and even videos with each other during a flirting session, so these features make it possible to do that quickly and, above all, safely. For carriers, this is an excellent way to drive data usage."

The new enhancements come at a time when the social networking phenomenon is quickly spreading from the PC to the mobile, a fact due to the increased data bandwidth on mobile networks and the introduction of new handsets that feature advanced graphics and picture-taking capabilities. A report issued by Telephia revealed that about 4% of mobile phone users in U.K. have uploaded content created on their mobile phones to various social networking sites, video- and picture-sharing sites, blogs, and personal web pages. After the upgrade of the Fast Flirting service, which has been implemented for all of Jumbuck's carrier customers over the past two months, the number of unique users accessing the service has grown by 25%, and data traffic has grown by an average of 15% percent every month.

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