Julia Stiles’ Lumen May Return to ‘Dexter’ Season 6 [Spoilers]

Fans of Showtime’s “Dexter” series should be happy to hear that not all is lost in terms of their favorite serial killer’s love life: Lumen (Julia Stiles) may still return to the series in any of the upcoming seasons.

As we also noted the other day, season 5 of the series ended on a rather sour note for Dexter because Lumen, her partner in crime and soul mate, had realized her dark passenger was no more – therefore there was no reason for her to linger around anymore.

Speaking about the departure – which occurred precisely when fans were thinking things were finally looking good for Dexter, executive producer Sarah Colleton says they shouldn’t lose all hope.

Because she’s not dead, Lumen could return at any time, she says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly cited by DigitalSpy. Her story is a door that has been left open on purpose.

“She's alive, so therefore the door is, of course, open [for her return],” Colleton says in the interview. Of course, whether writers and producers will actually make sense of Lumen’s return later on is an entirely different matter.

As Colleton puts it, Lumen was not meant to be on the show from more than a season – and her fate was decided relatively early on.

“From the very beginning we knew that Lumen would leave Dexter. It’s devastating for Dexter to lose her, and he has never wanted anything before like this,” Colleton says.

“But at the same time there’s something so incredibly direct about Lumen that when she tells him why she has to leave, it makes perfect sense to him,” the producer says, adding that it was quite a tough job for the writers to make her character likeable, especially after Rita’s death.

“Society holds women up to a different standard of behavior, so having a woman who wanted to avenge what was done to her and is single-minded about it was [difficult],” Colleton explains.

“It’s a thorny, hard character that is not feminine. And yet Julia played it so real that you care about her, and you end up rooting for her and for this odd romance [with Dexter],” says the producer.

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